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We are Japan's most innovative Business English Training Providers. We cater to Japanese Businesses with ambitious international expansion plans by providing tailor-made English Learning modules. We guarantee you an experience like none other. 

Why BEJ-Method guarantees Success:
We have the best mix of skills that will help your organisation turn great Ideas into realities. A BEJ Coach is equipped with the right balance of 3 things that will determine your success in using English for your Business:
1. Practical Working-Knowledge of how your business works: All our BEJ Coaches have substantial work experience in big and small companies. So they understand your jargon, and offer great advice and inspiration. A BEJ Coach is a wise and trusted partner who helps you with your daily practical problems in conducting your business in English.
2. Business-English Knowledge: We know and understand BUSINESS-ENGLISH. The BEJ Coach builds your conversation and presenting skills with BUSINESS ENGLISH as the base. And that makes a huge difference. From the first day you learn what you can use.
3. Hands-on experience of Japanese culture: The BEJ Coach knows the nuances of Japanese culture. So we know exactly what you want to know. This saves a lot of time and effort for you.

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